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Battle Rockets™ is a unique "SHMUP Fighter", designed exclusively for the PS Vita®. In Battle Rockets, each player chooses a side–literally! Whether it be the directional pad and left analog, or the face buttons and right analog, both contestants are well-equipped for battle...any time and anywhere!


Challenge a friend to one of three multiplayer modes, or try your hand at our single-player offerings:


  • Duel Shock - Lower your opponent's HP; if theirs is all depleted, you win!

  • Short Fuse - Five rounds, five chances to get the first shot! Who will win the most rounds?

  • Cash Grab - Collect all the coins you can, or just zap them out of your foe's pockets! Watch for that time limit, though!

  • Challenges - Eight single-player minigames, designed to explore the Battle Rockets lore. Complete a Challenge, and you just might win a Trophy!



...And more great titles to come!


(PlayStation® Network exclusive)